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The Most Flexible Tabletop Game System

Play almost anywhere, with almost anything

Aarcana Inquisitions is an open source tabletop miniatures game that allows players the flexibility to play on ANY table with ANY figures and with up to EIGHT players.


Co-competitive gameplay

Make friends. Kill enemies. Aarcana Inquisitions' game system encourages players to team up to defeat powerful enemies. But, hunting monsters isn't the only way to earn renown. Battling and defeating other players can also lead to victory.


Make the story

as you go

Aarcana Inquisitions isn't just a game, it's an open-source gaming system. With our rule set you are free to create your own scenarios based on the number of players and their skill level. Our game is designed to be as limitless as possible.


Models to get 

you started

Our team of artists are spending hours on each 3d-printed model. Of course, if you'd like to use your own models, or models printed from other creators, please do! Check back frequently for more official models as they're released to the public!

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The Story

How We Got Here

Aarcana Inquisitions was always meant to be a sort of playground where gamers and hobbyists could let their creativity run free. 

The design process was driven by the thought that solid game mechanics should come first and they should never impede the creativity of the player. 

 With all of that being true, Aarcana Inquisitions survived many edits and evolutions to become something completely different from where the original vision came from while simultaneously becoming exactly what it was supposed to be. 

Hopefully, what is presented here, invokes a sense of nostalgia for old school pen and paper RPGs and tabletop games, while giving gamers something new and fresh to build their own narratives in. 


In Aarcana Inquisitions seeds have been planted, but it is up to the players to grow that world and decide what its full potential can be. From here on out the community will be contributing to the future of this world. 

Go forth, roll dice and have fun!

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