Aarcana Inquisitions Game Resources

Aarcana Inquisitions is an open-source tabletop game. Below you'll find our rule set, character sheets, game cards and printable 3D models to get you started. 

How It Works

  1. Download our resources below.

  2. Read the rules to get started. Don't forget to also read the skill sheets!

  3. Print our book, pages and models at home! 

  4. Play with friends or by yourself. Our game scales to almost any surface size!

Aarcana Inquisitions snail monster

Printable Rule Set and Game Cards


The Rules

Start here. Download the PDF to begin your journey.


Quick Guide

A single sheet quick guide

to help you in the moment.


Character Sheet

Keep track of your stats with our custom sheet.


Game Cards

Reference cards for monsters.


Gear & Skills

Equip your gears and skills with this quick guide.


Guild Cards

Reference cards for guild perks.

3D Models and Game Pieces

All models provided by Cocked Dice Gaming LLC are for private use only. Models and the accompany artwork are not for resale. Be a good citizen of the Internet!


Tokens, bases and other miscellany to get you started.

The Cultist

The Cultist is the key to other realms. Beware his cunning.

The Hulk

The massive beast huffs and snarls as it emerges from the void.

The Altar

Summon monsters from other realms.

The Cultist 3D model
The Cultist 3D model

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The Altar 3D model
The Altar 3D model

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Marker Token 3D Model
Marker Token 3D Model

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The Cultist 3D model
The Cultist 3D model

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